"You can't buy my love, but you can buy my Art.

 And that is almost the same."


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Jumping into Utopia

Caro created in her studio her own fabulous underwaterworld. The creation took place and was inspired from and under lock-down.  - A very dark episode for every artist at the moment. It was the moment where something happened what knowone had expected, but it did.

The idea developed and grew over the lock-down period, to transform the room into a colorful Utopia


It all began, when Caro started to rent a studio from March 2020 onwards. The opening was planned  at the end of the same month. 

 However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic she had to stay closed for several month. Originally it was meant to display drawings of her journey in India. At the same time it was suppose to give her space to work and be creative. So that's what she did: worked creatively on an utopian world in an unreal world.

The lock-down gave her plenty of time to turn this space into a colorful underwaterworld. To make the room apear bigger without any physical damage to the walls, she painted a window with a view into the sea. From this window you can glimps a few inhabitants. They all have an individual story.

The window itself is opened by an Octopussy from behind and reaches into a floral garden.

The golden fish is fast and shiny. You'll never see him at once.

The tentacles of Octopussy reach into other parts of the room. And of course there is Mr. Turtle, Bubbles and FLowies, the Flowers. 

Now, you can purchase the very limited and exclusive prints directly from the artist and only from her. Don't miss the chance and support this lovely young lady to create more colorful paintings.

For more to come.




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